Girl Informs Boyfriend’s Mother He’s Not ‘Father Material’

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A young woman asked the internet for advice after she had rattled out her own boyfriend for not being good ‘father material’ when she sent a short video of him not taking care of the baby and instead playing video games, to the man’s mother. You can guess the rest.

Here’s her story : ‘My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years, and things were great until our daughter was born 6 months ago.’

‘Since then, our relationship has gone down the tubes because he refuses to care for her. He’ll sit on the couch and play video games and he’ll only tend to her while she’s screaming if I tell him to. Even then, unless I’m in the middle of doing something right then, he’ll ask me why I can’t just do it instead. On top of that, he only holds her if I hand her to him while he’s watching tv and she’s calm. He stays up late playing video games but still won’t get her when she cries, so I have to get up with her. We’ve talked about it multiple times, to the extent that I’ve told him I can’t handle it anymore, and he improves for a week and then goes back to his old ways.’

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‘I’m honestly considering filing for custody but tried one last ditch effort. I put the baby in his gaming room and told him I was going out. In reality, I just went to the gas station because I felt like I couldn’t trust him, and sure enough when I got back the baby was screaming and he was ignoring her. I took a ~10 second video of this and after I comforted the baby, I sent it to his mother with an explanation of what’s going on.’

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‘She called him and absolutely reamed him for it and now he’s upset with me for involving his mother and for “taking a video out of context.” I’m at my wits end and will probably leave him at this point, but AITA for sending the video?’

‘Edit: the pregnancy was an accident but my boyfriend wanted me to keep it.’

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