South Carolina Welcomes NY Mayor De Blasio With Some R Kelly (Video)

Credit - Flickr Free Photo

Visiting a church in South Carolina over the weekend, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio must have felt uncomfortable when all of a sudden the pastor decided to have the crowd sing along to R. Kelly’s biggest hit from 1990, ‘I believe I can fly.’

Although we find it hard to imagine that Mr De Blasio would not know the trouble the R&B singer is in, he was still caught flapping his arms as the mega hit blasted through the church speakers.

NY1 reporter Courtney Gross, who captured the video, stated : “I wonder if the @NYCMayor realizes who sings this song.”

The New York mayor was visiting South Carolina as he considers the possibility of entering the Democratic 2020 White House bid.

Asked for a reaction afterwards, a spokesman for the New York politician claimed: “The Mayor wasn’t the church’s DJ and he certainly can’t be expected to recognize every R. Kelly track.”


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