German Justice Investigates Sudden Death Miss Teen Universe (20)

Credit - Twitter @ADShownieuws

Germany has started an investigation into the cause of death of model and former Miss Teen Universe Lotte van der Zee (20). She died on 6 March in a university hospital in the German city of Munich. There she was held in an artificial coma for two weeks after being hit by a cardiac arrest during a winter sports holiday in Austria.

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According to Lotte’s mother Eugeniek, justice decided to investigate because of the young age of her deceased daughter.

‘You have no say in that,’ the mother explained. ‘Initially the news hit us hard, but now we can be happy with that. We hope to find out in this way what was going on with our girl. Did she have heart failure? Was it something genetic?’

Today the body of Lotte van der Zee is transferred from Munich in Germany to her hometown of Enschede in The Netherlands. This Saturday there will be a funeral. Miss Van Der Zee’s mother continued : ‘The result of the autopsy will take a while. Our patience will be put to the test. Just as our patience has been put to the test so recently.’

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