MMA Star MacGregor Arrested In Miami


Martial artist Conor McGregor, the Irish star of the mixed martial arts (MMA), was arrested on Sunday night in Miami, Florida. McGregor, who was on a family holiday, is said to have destroyed the mobile phone of a fan who wanted to take a picture of him at a disco in Miami. He allegedly kicked the cell phone a few times, picked it up and taken it with him. The incident was filmed by surveillance cameras.

The Miami police picked up McGregor moments later. He was released after he paid $12,500 bail.

In April 2018, Conor McGregor injured two other fighters in New York following a press conference from the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion Ship, the main organizer of MMA fights), to which he was not invited. At the end of July he therefore pleaded guilty to disturbing public order in a Brooklyn court. He avoided a trial and a prison sentence in this way.

McGregor agreed to do community service. He would also be willing to follow an anger management course.

Picture credit : Twitter @DavidOvalle305


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