Brazil Teens Cause Mass School Shooting – 8 Dead, 17 Wounded (Video)

credit - twitter @THEBELAAZ

A mass shooting at a school in Suzano, a city near the Brazilian metropolis Sao Paulo, took place hours ago. According to Brazilian news station Globo News at least 6 children were killed and 17 other wounded.

The perpetrators (according to first reports there were two of them), committed suicide afterwards.

Military police who have cordoned off the area claim that ‘an invididual entered the school and shot multiple people’.

There are pictures being shown on Brazilian social media showing one of the perpetrators.

A witness reports that he has seen a person who was shooting outside of the school at first and went inside afterwards, aiming for the classes that had already started.

One social media commenter stated: “Police report the 2 shooters were ex-students armed w/ revolvers, molotovs, an axe, a bow & arrow & a box w/ wires they suspect might be a bomb. 8 killed, 16+ hurt, they committed suicide”



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