Hollywood’s ‘Class Society’ Cheats For Their Children’s SAT (Video)

Credit - Twitter @mikandynothem

Asked in the most ironic manner ever, I’m gonna say: who would have thought? The rich and famous in this world, who tell you to live better, sort your trash and buy a Tesla, go through enormous, and often times illegal lengths to give their children a better life than the others by using their money to bribe and influence SAT scores. Are you really surprised?

Think of that next time a celebrity tries to tell you what to do, who to vote.

According to the charges brought forward, intermediaries forged the children’s files, including exam results, so that they would be admitted to universities. The leader of the network, William Singer, was sued for extortion and money laundering operations.

Public prosecutor Andrew E. Lelling called the scandal surrounding the admission of students at prestigious universities such as Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, UCLA or USC “the biggest scandal on this subject ever investigated by US justice. There must not be a separate admission system for well-to-do persons, nor may there be a different judicial system.”

Admission counselors and coaches are claimed to have received $25 million to admit students to prestigious universities, regardless of their academic or sporting qualities.

In addition to prominent businessmen, a well-known fashion designer and a top lawyer, Hollywood actresses Felicity Huffman (known from ‘Desperate Housewives’) and Lori Loughlin (‘Full House’) are accused of having paid heavily for their children in a place at the universities in question to assist. A total of 33 parents are being accused.



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