Instagram Model Gets Death Threats Over ‘Monobrow Movement’ (Video)


Sophia Hadjipanteli, a 22-year-old model from Cyprus who now lives in the US is experiencing a breakthrough in the fashion world. Reason for this is her gigantic ‘unibrow’ that she exploits herself and which has made her a favorite on Instagram as the ‘Monobrow.’

However, not everyone is a fan. During a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain, she claimed to have received death threats over her ‘unibrow / monobrow movement.’ Apparently lots of young girls are copying the model and are pushing for more hairy eyebrows in fashion.

Sophia has had big brows all her life: “My father and brother also have full eyebrows, so I was never aware of that before.”

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According to Sophia, it is important that everyone primarily does what he wants and likes. She tells Dazed Digital: “The most important thing is that we should not see ‘being different’ as something negative. It has to unite and inspire each other. Just like others, I just do my own thing.”

With her movement, Sophia does not want to ensure that everyone ignores his tweezers: “I try not to get anyone with me, but if I like it, let me do it.”

Picture credit and story source: Instagram Sophia Hadjipanteli


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