Mystery Grows Over Naked British ‘Sun Salutation’ Tourist Found Dead In Guatemala (Video)

Credit - Shaw Family

23-year-old Miss Catherine Shaw fell down a hundred meters from a rock last Tuesday and was found dead only on Sunday (six days later). This happened near Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, a place that is often visited by tourists.

Local media have suggested that the former yoga teacher was raped, murdered and thrown off the cliff. But the police had an autopsy performed and say there is no evidence for that. Incidentally, forensic investigators are still working on the case.

In the English press, a family member says Catherine was “a huge nature lover.”

“She loved the sunrise and thought it was nice to face it naked.”

It is also known that the English had fasted the days before she crashed and did not wash. That could indicate a ritual.

According to the local police, she may also have become dizzy and fallen.

Catherine was found in a gorge at the bottom of a mountain. That was a few kilometers from the hostel where she was staying in San Juan La Laguna. The latest images are from a security camera on Tuesday morning at half past five.

The owner of the hostel says he thinks Catherine was under the influence of drugs. She is also said to have handed out cookies that had made some guests “high”. “She didn’t do normal things,” said the owner.

Two weeks earlier, she posted a message that she was “heading for a spiritual week.” Before that Catherine visited a nudist festival in Mexico.

The Chief Executive of the Lucie Blackman Trust, which has been helping Ms Shaw’s family, said speculation that she was raped and murdered was “incredibly unhelpful, distressing and unnecessary”.


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