Hungary Uses ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ Couple To Promote Having Babies

Credit - Shutterstock

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban recently declared that any native woman in his country who would give birth to four children would never have to pay taxes anymore. The new law is installed as European is grappling with a shrinking population and objection by its elderly citizens against mass immigration to replace and aging workforce.

Just as his neighbour, Italian Interior Minister Salvini, Mr Orban is therefore calling upon his own population to start having more children. In order to help them think of this, an ad campaign was started in the capital Budapest.

However, given the mostly elder state functionaries involved in the project, the photograph being used to urge people to have additional kids is quite funnily chosen as it shows…. the couple being featured in the well-known ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme. As it is so well known, the photographs of the couple are probably being offered with a huge discount by now.

Although it is not the same picture, it is clear that the two models chosen were those being made famous by the man turning around to look at another girl.

Given that the couple’s picture is now being used to promote ‘good family values,’ young Hungarians were quick to point out the obvious error on social media.

It thus seems like Mr Orban needs to rejuvenate his own Interior Ministry first, before he can urge youngsters in his country to think of ‘family values.’



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