New Zealand Climate Change Minister Assaulted (Video)

Credit - New Zealand Green Party

The issue of Climate Change is certainly stirring up emotions around the world. In France, the Yellow Vest movement has been taking to the streets for three months now over what started as a ‘green’ fuel tax. In the US, the biggest rejection of conservative minded voters against Democrats is over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ whilst in Germany the government quickly had to bin an idea of introducing speed limits on highways in order to ‘save the climate.’

Today in New Zealand, the Climate Change Minister, Mr James Shaw, was punched in the face on his way to parliament.

The Green Party co-leader was not seriously injured, but many politicians in the Oceanic nation are shocked by the action. In response, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern noted: “In New Zealand, you just don’t expect these things to happen.”

“We have an environment in New Zealand where politicians are accessible, and that’s something we should feel proud of.”

“We are after all, here to serve people. But today’s events really show we cannot take that for granted.”

A 47-year-old man has been arrested over the attack.



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