South Korea Police Questions K-Pop Stars Over Sex Scandal

Credit - Screenshot Phillipine Star

The question in Asia today is how far the K-pop scandal that has rocked the most popular industry form really spreads. From allegations of sex tapes with fans, the providing prostitutes and meetings between K-pop stars in secret chat room to talk about their latest ‘conquests’ of sexual nature, the South Korean music world is being rocked.

The scandal centers on two male singers who have both already admitted wrongdoing. They have now both retired from K-pop but the public is left with many questions. One of the two singers declared that the ‘sex tapes’ he had made was shared in secret chat rooms with other performers, and now the fans are asking who else is involved.

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Police are now questioning the two singers.

Meanwhile, stocks of the popular industry have taken hits as well. YG entertainment, promotor for the first star to be hit, Mr Lee Seung-hyun, better known by the stage name Seungri, of the popular boysband BigBang, have fallen by more than 20% already since the scandal broke. Other music stocks are also taking hits.

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K-Pop stars have album sales that spread allover Asia and the scandal is being watched in other countries as well.

Fans are leaving the bands.

“What a scumbag. I am ashamed to say I used to be a BIGBANG fan,” said Jenny Eusden, an English teacher in South Korea. “I just want people to know this is not OK.”


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