Chinese ‘Goth’ Girls Protest Metro Access Refusal

Credit - Sina Weibo Haruko Ekov

A movement called #ASelfieForTheGuangzhouMetro is trending on Chinese social media after ten days ago, a young woman dressed in classic ‘gothic’ style was refused entry to the Guangzhou metro because of her ‘heavy makeup.’

It all started when a young woman with a large following on social media was stopped and she wrote on her Sina Weibo microblog. “A female security guard called her manager, and said that my make-up was ‘problematic and really horrible’.” She adds that she was asked to “please remove it”.

“I’m hoping to use this relatively public platform to challenge the authorities: what laws grant you the right to stop me and waste my time?”

The picture and message has been shared many thousands of times, with young Chinese asking what the government will come up with next to take away their freedom of expression.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZIn response, many ‘goths’ around the world have started posting pictures of themselves in full makeup to extend their sympathy towards the Chinese girl who started the movement.


1 Comment

  1. It’s NOT freedom of “expression”. It’s an idiotic, childish fad of the mindless morons who follow someone else’s idea of stupidity.


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