Cute Koala Refuses To Leave ‘Chilled’ Car (Video)

Credit - Screenshot

Mr Tim Whitrow shared the following adorable video of a koala who didn’t feel like leaving his cool car with the air conditioning turned on. As he had left his car parked with the door open, Mr Withrow came back to find the unwanted, but adorable visitor.

In the clip you can see him urging the animal to get out, but he’s clearly having a hard time doing so.

The adorable video was shot in the region of Adelaide.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZMr Withrow said: ‘This is what happens when you leave your car open in the vineyard. Koalas jump into your car and they refuse to leave. and my dog is really curious, so wer’re gonna go and let him go.’

The gentleman tried to persuade the animal to leave to no avail, saying: ‘Hey buddy. Gonna go out the other side now? I know it’s nice and cool in here.’

‘Please, come on, out the other way. No, come on mate, you’re making this real tough.’


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