Divorcing Mexican President Filmed With Bombshell Mistress In Acapulco (Video)


Whereas former Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto tried to brush off the pictures of him and his supposed mistress, model Tania Ruiz Eichelmann, in the Spanish capital Madrid last month as an invasion of his privacy, this time round there was no escaping as the loved up couple could be seen sitting together in a luxury hotel in the seaside resort Acapulco as a singer serenaded love songs to them.

The former Mexican president is currently divorcing from his wife and mother of his children, actress Angelica Rivera (of the telenovela “Destilando Amor”), who lashed out at him for getting photographed repeatedly in the presence of the pretty blonde model.

49-year-old Ms Rivero at the time issued a statement: “I deeply regret what is a very painful situation for me and our children. That is why I have decided to get divorced.”

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ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZMr Pena Nieto also made no more effort to hide that he was indeed in Acapulco at the time as both he and Miss Eichelmann posted pictures on social media of their presence.

Miss Eichelmann did so on Instagram, where she could be seen relaxing in the sun whilst sipping on a cocktail, just as the former President was getting ready for a few rounds of golf.

Source: https://www.quien.com/actualidad/2019/03/18/enrique-pena-nieto-reaparece-con-tania-ruiz-en-una-boda-en-acapulco


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