Kushner Family Banned Supermodel Karlie Kloss For ‘Victoria’s Secret’ Appearances

Credit - Instagram Karlie Kloss

Supermodel Karlie Kloss was shunned by her in-laws for six years because she was not Jewish and worked for the Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand.

Kushner Inc., a new book about the Kushner family (who are also the parents-in-law of Ivanka Trump), paints a picture of how the woman has been banned from Kushner family gatherings for six years.

You can choose your love, but not your inlaws, and that is also important, certainly when you hear the story of top model Karlie Kloss.

She fell in love with Josh Kushner more than six years ago and ended up in the Jewish family of the Kushners. Or rather: she didn’t end up in it.

The Kushners are a notoriously rich New York family, whose two sons have a famous wife.

Jared married Ivanka Trump, Josh had it for the top model. Only: his family didn’t like the top model.

Because the strictly Jewish parents of Josh and Jared preferred that their sons also married a Jewish woman (whihc is why Ivanka Trump converted).

The parents feared that their branch of the family would become stained if the two were to remain a couple. Karlie Kloss was therefore not welcome with her parents-in-law for more than six years. Moreover, they found her career as a model, and certainly when she was running shows for lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, to be utterly shameful.

There too, Kloss fell short, according to the in-laws. Even his brother Jared said behind her back that she was “not so smart” and once called the model a “shiksa,” an insulting term for a non-Jewish woman.

When the couple got engaged last year, Kloss had no choice but to convert to Judaism, just like her sister-in-law Ivanka.

Since then, the ties have been somewhat softened and the woman is welcome at family gatherings. But the wedding last summer, which in theory could have been a wonderfully exuberant and especially extravagant party, became a modest ceremony in which the Kushner parents, out of revenge from son Josh, were not allowed to speak.

Source : https://www.townandcountrymag.com/society/money-and-power/a26862085/josh-kushner-karlie-kloss-family-tension/


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