Wealthy Los Angeles Couple Paid For Daughter’s Cheated UCLA Admission With Facebook Stock

Credit - Facebook Lauren Isaacson

It would appear that when you’re an equestrian (a hobby a lot of rich family daughters seem to have) it is not too easy to get into UCLA.

Luckily, when your parents have enough money to bribe the soccer coach official, you can get in a soccer scholarship. Such is the case for ‘little rich kid’ Lauren Isackson, who apparently was named on UCLA’s elite soccer team even though she never played competitively.

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It of course helped that her parents payed some much needed kickbacks.

In fact, her parents allegedly paid the $250,000 bribe in Facebook stock. Afterwards, their daughter was enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles and on the UCLA Bruin’s Women’s Soccer team.

Her fake athletic profile is currently still on the UCLA website. The University has not expelled her yet even though it’s now been ten days since the story of the ‘college cheating scandal’ broke.

Lastly, it would appear that the Isackson family was in the midst of arranging the same for their other daughter Audrey who, would you have guessed it, is also an equestrian. Apparently Lauren was supposed to get in as a rowing recruit.

The wiretaps of her father with ‘fixer’ Singer are stuff of legend. According to the complaint, Mr Isackson said: “I’m just thinking, oh my God, because you’re thinking, does this roll into something where, you know, if they get into the meat and potatoes, is this gonna be this — be the front-page story with everyone from Kleiner Perkins do whatever, getting these kids into school?” Mr Isackson asked Mr Singer.

“It’s so hard for these kids to get into college, and here’s — look what — look what’s going on behind the schemes, and then, you know, the embarrassment to everyone in the communities. Oh my God, it would just be — yeah. Ugh.”

Source: https://nypost.com/2019/03/20/posh-couple-paid-in-facebook-stock-to-get-daughter-into-ucla/



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