Secret Meghan Markle ‘Sex Tape’ Allegedly Offered For Sale (Video)

Wikimedia Commons

Whether the images are authentic is the big question, but there would be a spicy sex tape in circulation from none other than Duchess Meghan Markle, the former American actress turned British Royal.

The video is said to date from a few years ago and was offered for purchase against a hefty sum to former porn producer Kevin Blatt.

Clip in question where Mr Blatt discusses it starts as from 17 minutes into the video:

He surprised audiences this week by telling, during a little known podcast called ‘Your Mom’s House’, what he was offered and subsequently did with the images.

Poor Elizabeth; the 92-year-old British queen will hardly have been able to imagine what the wife of her grandson Prince Harry would bring about within the walls of “her” Buckingham Palace.

Ever since Meghan Markle made her appearance at the British court, the former actress has certainly ensured the necessary buzz within the palace walls.

The question is how Harry would have responded to the story of former porn king Kevin Blatt. This week he explained in a YouTube podcast how he was approached in the past by an anonymous lady from Canada, who wanted to offer him a sex tape. She would not initially have wanted to say who the woman was in the video, but that the man would be a photographer. After some insistence, the caller revealed that this was Meghan Markle, the woman who would soon marry the English prince Harry.

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Now, partly due to the acting history of Meghan, some spicy images from the past have surfaced more often, but that was always “work”.

But that would not be the case in this particular tape. Blatt now says he could have been able to leak it, as he did earlier – albeit in collaboration – with similar videos from Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. The latter, however, deliberately leaked the explicit images on which they were figured, hoping for eternal fame and riches, something that, surprisingly enough, they also succeeded in getting.

Blatt says he is now a different person and has withdrawn from the sex industry. He has now erased the video on which Meghan could be seen in outright erotic poses.

“Those images no longer exist … or that woman in Canada must still have a copy in her possession,” he stated.





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