Competitive Rowers Claim ‘Cheating Rich Kids’ Took Away Spots From Real Athletes

Credit - Instagram Olivia Jade

Surya Murthy and Ally Stein are two young competitive rowers who tried for years to get into USC. The college cheating scandal that has been unearthed left them furious, knowing that all the real work they put in to try and get into the college was all for nothing as their parents didn’t have half a million dollars to bribe coaches like the Loughlin or Isackson family did (see our related coverage).

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18-year-old Miss Murthy and 19-year-old Miss Stein were on the actual team that young Audrey Isackson claimed to be a member of when she applied for early admission to USC in 2017. However, no one on the actual team had ever met Audrey.

It comes after it was revealed that Bruce Isackson and his wife Davina paid more than $600,000 in bribes to get Audrey into USC and her sister Lauren into UCLA. Payment was partly done in Facebook shares.

In the end, their daughter Lauren was put on the roster of UCLA’s elite soccer team. She made no appearances and played zero minutes during the season.

‘I had been trying to get recruited for a very long time,’ said Murthy, who now attends the University of Washington. ‘I had been training summer after summer. I went to nationals. I put a lot of work in.’

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZWhen spots are being taken like that on teams, it’s really disappointing.’

‘I literally gave it my everything,’ she said. ‘My notebooks were filled with possible boat lineups. I had spreadsheets and flow charts. I was on phone calls with coaches every weekend.’

‘I spent years emailing coaches. Now I’m realizing a lot of the spots I was trying to get were taken by someone who paid their way in,’ she added. ‘I’m not rowing anymore. I just felt the field became too competitive for me.’

‘I was such a competitive athlete,’ she said. ‘I was interested in USC, but they stopped talking to me in the first few rounds.’

‘I feel robbed, but mostly for my friends who stopped getting recruited to USC in the final rounds.’

Both girls also don’t understand how Lori Loughlin’s daughters were also admitted into USC as fake crew recruits.

‘It’s pretty irresponsible they let someone like Olivia Jade slip by like that,’ she said. ‘She’s so popular. It’s remarkable no one noticed.’

‘I know girls who spent their whole high school careers working toward this. It’s really heartbreaking to hear about these spots being taken.’

‘It made me wonder how many spots I could have gotten if people weren’t paying their way in like this.’



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