German ‘Bike Helmet’ Ad Campaign Slammed As ‘Sexist’ (Video)

Credit - German government

A discussion has erupted in Germany over the proper use of tax funds to support safety campaigns. Most German cities are seeing large billboards of underwear-clad models looking sultry into the camera whilst wearing a bike helmet.

The text underneath reads: ‘looks like shit but saves my life’.

The attempt by the German transport ministry to get younger cyclists to embrace head protection is widely mocked though, as many ask why there is a need for people to be dressed in underwear in any place.

The campaign uses an English slogan, acknowledging that a cycle helmet may be unflattering “but saves my life”. Aside from the video, street posters are due to go up throughout Germany from Tuesday.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZThe woman everyone is looking at above is known as Alicija, a hopeful in Germany’s Next Top Model, a widely watched TV program.

Minister for Transport Mr Scheuer meanwhile defended the campaign, claiming that it is aimed at young men and women who spurn helmets on aesthetic grounds. The video has been viewed by 1.78 million people aged between 14 and 49.



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