Italy Investigates Ghanaian Family After Baby Dies During Home Circumcision

Credit - Corporate Dispatch

In a strict Catholic country that holds children up on a pedestal as Italy does, nothing hurts more than when youngsters die in what seems ‘culturally inappropriate’. Such was already the case back in December when an African family was charged with manslaughter after their 2-year-old died from a ‘circumcision’ in a refugee centre.

This time round, a baby was sent to a Bologna hospital in cardiac arrest on Friday night and died shortly afterwards. Authorities in the northern Reggio Emilia province have now opened an investigation against the parents, who are of Ghanaian origin.

The five-month-old boy died after his parents performed a circumcision at their home.

Given the great number of African immigrants in the country, authorities estimate that about a third of the 5,000 circumcisions performed in Italy each year are done in an illegal manner.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZCircumcision is not carried out at public health institutions in the Roman Catholic country.

However, many of the country’s immigrants come from Muslim countries where circumcision is commonplace.



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