Spanish Press Organizes Bannon Q&A As Nationalists Rise To Record Level Before Election

Credit - El Pais Screenshot

The Spanish press is in full ‘astonishment mode.’ After their socialist Prime Minister Sanchez gave up leading his minority government and called fresh elections now only a month away, the major European nation is seeing the nationalist anti-immigration party Vox rise up in the ‘poll of polls’ by their largest newspaper El Pais (the country) rise to an astonishing 12%. For a party that was only founded two years ago and has never held a seat in parliament, they may become part of the next government even.

The problem in Spain is that the centrist right-wing parties, the liberal Ciudadanos and the conservative Partido Popular, have both vowed to their electorate not to cooperate with the socialist PSOE of former Prime Minister Sanchez anymore as they feel he has betrayed Spain by propping up a minority government for two years with the help of the Catalan independence parties, something they interpret as a ‘betrayal to Spain.’

However, if the promis of Ciudadanos and PP indeed becomes reality, then the Spanish peninsula, still one of the largest countries in Europe, has only two choices: a left-wing government of PSOE and smaller far-left parties, or a right-wing government of PP, Ciudadanos and… the nationalists of Vox.

This would mean that a far-right party would for the first time since 1980 make a return to parliament.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZIn order to clarify the situation, El Pais invited Mr Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist and asked him what he expected the result to mean for Vox.

El Pais asked : ‘Do not you think that this vision (Vox) of politics impoverishes and simplifies the system too much?’

Steve Bannon : Quite the opposite. We have a very hypocritical vision on the subject, it’s bullshit. I have served in the Navy, I have been in the Pentagon, I went to Harvard, I worked in Goldman Sachs, I had my own firm with partners in Japan … I have been in all the administration councils and in the Pentagon War Room. And believe me, if you let me choose between being governed by one of the first 100 people that appear at a Vox rally in Spain or one of the top 100 politicians, I’ll take the first ones. You will have a country managed more correctly, efficiently and by people who understand human nature. Those are ‘Trump’s deplorables.’

What kind of party do you think Vox is?

A national populist party. They are not professionals, but they are proud of it. They are close to Bolsonaro (Brazil) and Salvini (Italy). The details change in each country, but the philosophy is the same: to take decision-making close to the people, sovereignty, security and economy. Vox’s victory is that it has already transferred their conversation to the rest of the right: parties like Citizens and PP already talk like them. That’s what I call placing the product. Now the others will have to convince people that they are not just a copy. The key is to believe in it in order to fulfill what is said.

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