Victoria’s Secret Presents New ‘Plus Size’ Model – Internet Baffled

credit - mockup

Victoria’s Secret has announced via Instagram that Barbara Palvin (25) is going to be an angel for the lingerie brand. Fans applaud that she is the only Hungarian “angel”, but there is also a Facebook page that praises the label because it finally chooses plus size.

To be clear: Victoria’s Secret does not use the term “plus size” itself and does not use it in the communication about its upgrade at the brand. They simply introduce the brunette as their newest addition to the angels

But on the official Victoria’s Secret fan page, Palvin is described as a ‘plus size’ model.

That message is now circulating over the internet and leads to much surprise because she has a normal physique. She’s 5’7”, weighs 120 pounds and easily fits in a size 6.

“This description shows how sick the fashion world is. No wonder that many young girls struggle with their body image” is the normal response on social media.

Barbara Palvin already did catwalks for Victoria’s Secret in 2012 and 2018, but rumors circulated that she was often ignored by the brand because she was “too fat”. The label itself has never confirmed that.

In 2016, the Hungarian posed for Sports Illustrated in a swimsuit, and she was also told that she was “too fat”.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZIn an interview with lifestyle magazine Grazia in April last year, Palvin admitted that she is struggling to meet the strict criteria of the fashion world. “I constantly struggle with my body and staying in shape is a daily challenge.

Picture credit: Twitter mockup


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