Guns Drawn Arizona SWAT Team Breaks Down Door Of Unvaccinated Boy (Shock Video)

Credit - Twitter

A worried mother (identified as Ms Sarah Beck) took her 2-year-old to see a doctor last month as the child was running a fever of over 100. Given that the mother, who was pregnant, answered that the boy was unvaccinated, the doctor assumed he might have meningitis, a life-threatening disease, and asked mother and child to go to the emergency room.

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However, as the boy was “laughing and playing with his siblings” and his fever broke, the mother took his temperature again, and it was almost normal. So instead of going to the emergency room, the family went home. The woman called the doctor and informed him they wouldn’t be going to the emergency room at the hospital.

The doctor begged her to go anyway, so she agreed she would—but in the end she didn’t. The doctor informed DCS. And DCS requested the cops check on the family as a caseworker headed over.

Police called upon the boy’s father, Mr Brooks Bryce, to open the door, which he refused.

Mr Brooks declared to a local news station: “They said ‘Brooks, you have to come out of your house right now … We have to check on them,’ and I said, ‘he’s doing fine, his temperature is 100 degrees. He’s safe, he’s asleep, could you please just leave us alone,’”

In the end, a guns drawn SWAT team knocked down the family’s door as can be seen on security footage, and took the three children.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZ“All because of a fever. A fever! It’s absolutely ridiculous,” said Nicholas Boca, the family’s attorney. “That type of kicking your door in, with guns drawn… it should be reserved for violent criminals.”

“At that point who now owns control over the child?” asked the attorney.

“And it seems like we’ve given that now to the doctor and the parent no longer has the say or they risk the SWAT team taking all of your children and potentially the newborn.”



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