US Au-Pair (19) Raped In Sicily, Salvini Urges ‘Chemical Castration’

Credit - La Sicilia

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is urging a court in Catania, Sicily, to have no mercy on the three young Italian boys being prosecuted for the rape of an American girl invited to the country to work as an au-pair.

Roberto Mirabella (20), Salvatore Castrogiovanni (19) and Agatino Spampinato (19) were arrested last week. The three Sicilians are said to have lured the American girl (19) out of a bar in Catania on 15 March, after they had met her there.

They would supposedly go to another cafe together. But in reality the young woman was thrown into a car and driven to a remote area, where the trio took turns raping her. The boys also filmed their attack.

Telephone data published in the Italian press shows that the young woman tried to call the emergency services several times during the abuse, which, according to the girl, lasted almost two hours. She typed in both the number 112 and the American variant 911, but was always stopped by her attackers. Sound clips of the attack were also included in Whatsapp voice messages, which she tried to send to a friend.

According to the Italian newspaper TGCOM24, the woman was crying out for help. “Help, I’m in a car,” she exclaims. And also: “No enough, I don’t want to. I do not want”.

The police were able to trace the trio after one of them sent the victim a video of the abuse via social media, asking if she wanted to go out again that evening.

The three are now behind bars, but deny the accusations. “They wanted to have fun and lost control,” explains Luisa Ferrari, lawyer for one of the defendants.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZThe girl, who would work as a babysitter for three months in the city for a Sicilian family, is now back in the US, her lawyer says.

Catania’s Mayor Salvo Poglieso states that the American victim “has the deepest solidarity of the community, who firmly condemns this extremely serious act”.

The alleged abuse does not leave Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, leader of the extreme right-wing government party Lega, untouched. He responded yesterday to the arrest on Twitter: “No kindness for the abusive worms that raped a tourist,” he tweeted. He called for “guaranteed imprisonment” and “chemical castration” if they are found guilty.



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