Austria Investigates ChristChurch Shooter Donation To Identitarian Movement


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz confirmed to the local press that his judiciary department, at the request of their counterparts in New Zealand, are investigating a possible link between the ChristChurch mosque gunman and the ‘Identitarian Movement’ in Austria of Mr Martin Sellner.

A prosecutor spokesperson in Graz, Austria, claimed that the shooter, Mr Brenton Tarrant made a donation of some $NZ2482 to the movement in early 2018 in his own name.

The home of movement leader Mr Martin Sellner was raided over the suspected links to the shooter.

Mr Sellner blogged about the raid in German, claiming that he was very surprised as the donation dates back to 2018.

“He was not a [“mass murderer”] at the time,” Mr Sellner said. “According to his manifesto, he had already planned the act, which is why this donation is a transparent part of his plan.”

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZ“I thank you for every donation,” Sellner concluded, adding his details for Bitcoin.

The Christchurch gunman had visited Austria before carrying out the attacks.


Picture credit : Commons Wikimedia


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