Billionaire’s ‘Housewife’ Has To Return $436 Million Yacht

Credit - TASS

Ah, the super-rich, they live longer, eat healthier and their divorces are nothing like yours and mine. Take Ms Tatiana Akhmedov who is divorcing her husband, Russian billionaire Farchad Akhmedov, who made about $1.25 billion dealing in oil and gas.

In an ongoing legal battle that has lasted two years already, Ms Akhmedov, who claims to be a ‘simple housewife’ was ordered yesterday to return the $436 million yacht that a previous ruling had granted her.

The yacht called Luna was the biggest points of contention in one of the most expensive divorces in British history. The nine-deck ship with two helipads, a large swimming pool and a mini-submarine was seized last year at the order of a British court and handed over to his ex-wife.

Oil and gas magnate Farchad Akhmedov was ordered in 2016 to pay 40 percent of his assets to his former wife Tatiana Akhmedova so that she could continue living the lifestyle she had gotten used to. Mr Akhmedov meanwhile had fallen head over heels for a ‘younger’ model.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZThat ruling came from the London Supreme Court. Since then it has been referred to as one of the most expensive divorces in British legal history.

But Akhmedov did not succeed in paying the $594 million immediately as his assets were tied up. A British court then ordered Akhmedov’s assets to be frozen all over the world, including the couple’s super yacht Luna, anchored in Dubai.

But the lawyers acting for Ms Akhmedova now claim that the case is being referred to yet another Dubai court. “Ms Akhmedova will continue its proceedings with the Dubai courts,” her optimistic lawyers said in a statement. Will therefore undoubtedly be followed.

Picture credit: TASS


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