Florida Inmate Knocks Out Prosecuting Attorney During Hearing (Shock Video)


A hearing in Broward County Jail was disrupted earlier this week by a very strange incident. When prosecuting attorney Julie Chase assisted a prisoner, another prisoner suddenly decided to attack her from behind.

Perpetrator William Green dealt a strong blow to her head, after which he was immediately overpowered.

Chase never saw the attack. She was subsequently transferred to the hospital, but she was fine. Why Green attacked the lawyer is not clear.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZWilliam Green was arrested for battery the day before he punched Julie Chase in Court.

Source: Twitter


1 Comment

  1. This psychopath should never be allowed in public again. Rather than being another expensive drag on the taxpayers he should just be “put to sleep,” like we do with other vicious dogs.


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