French Women Panic As ‘1 Bottle Of Wine Equals 10 Cigarettes’

Credit - Pexels Free Photo

It is understood in French culture that refusing to join your host drinking wine during lunch is ‘frowned upon,’ whilst refusing to do so during dinner is ‘simply rude.’

However, with a new study revealing that for women drinking a bottle of wine equals smoking ten cigarettes per week, French women are up in arms on social media as to whether their daily dose of ‘white wine’ is as logic as it had always been.

The research, conducted by the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Bangor University and University of Southampton and published in the journal  BMC Public Health, found that in non-smoking men the increase in the absolute lifetime risk of cancer from drinking one bottle of wine per week was 1.0%.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZFor non-smoking women however, this was approximately 50% higher with an increase in absolute cancer risk of 1.4%.

Dr Theresa Hydes: “It is well established that heavy drinking is linked to cancer of the mouth, throat, voice box, gullet, bowel, liver and breast.

“Yet, in contrast to smoking, this is not widely understood by the public.”

The author of the study claims that converting the risks of alcohol into “cigarette equivalents” can help people make more informed decisions about their drinking.

“We hope that by using cigarettes as the comparator we could communicate this message more effectively to help individuals make more informed lifestyle choices.”



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