Liberal Plane Passenger Meltdown Because Trump Supporter Sits Next To Her (Video)

Credit - Twitter @GregNorberg

‘No words, no words to describe it, they should have brought a poet.’

To repeat the iconic phrase that Jodie Foster once said at the end of ‘Contact,’ such is the expectation of most Trump supporters for more videos to be coming out like these now that the ‘liberals’ will be showing many more meltdowns.ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZ

Be warned, dear friends, over the coming days and weeks there will be no need to counter with any arguments. Just sit back, relax, and watch liberals allover America go mental as they realize ‘Mueller’ will not yield any result.

Whereas the signs in the media are already there with CNN and Rachel Maddow slowly being decimated, the stopping of the Mueller investigation will only lead to many more iconic meltdowns like the following.

We see an elderly lady clearly annoyed by the fact that there is a Trump supporter sitting next to her on a plane. Given that half the country voted for him this is of course a risk you’re going to have to take whenever you leave the sanctity of your own home.

The part where she feels the need to explain ‘gravity’ to him is stellar. One for the record books this.

Also, get ready for similar liberal meltdowns in Europe shortly, the elections in Spain (April), Europe (May) and Denmark (June) all point to populist wins.

Picture and video credit: Twitter @gregnorberg


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