Nicolas Cage Wedding Over After 4 Days

Credit - Twitter @brownsugarpage

Actor Nicolas Cage was caught by TMZ yesterday cancelling his marriage to girlfriend Erika Koike. You may not have heard about the actor’s wedding before as it was only four days old.

The Leaving Las Vegas Oscar winner was seen at a, off all place to do it, Las Vegas courthouse seeking an annulment.

55-year-old Mr Cage and his makeup artist girlfriend Koike had been in a on-off relationship about a year ago.

A source stated: ‘They started by filling the application in one of the machines.’

‘The whole time he was yelling ‘she is going to take all my money’ and ‘her ex is a druggy, her ex is a druggy’.’

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZ‘The woman only kept saying ‘Baby, I am not asking you to do this’

Mr Cage, who’s been in a long list of mostly unsuccessful movies in the past decade, has been married three times before, to Patricia Arquette, Lisa Marie Presley and most recently to Alice Kim.




Picture credit: Twitter @brownsugarpage


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