Rammstein’s ‘Deutschland’ Features All Forbidden Imagery And Lyrics Possible (Video)

Credit - Rammstein Youtube

The hard rockers of Rammstein shocked the classic German press yesterday by releasing a 9-minute video of their upcoming album. The new song entitled ‘Deutschland’ features a overview of German history from Roman over Nazi times and even includes references to the Communist DDR.

It features the lyric ‘Deutschland uber allen,’ a play on words to the forbidden ‘Deutschland uber alles,’ the opening of the Nazi era anthem which is now a criminal offense in Germany.

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The long video gained 8.5 million views in only 1 day (a record for a German song) and Youtube slapped a sign-in on it already.

The imagery of the Nazi era features hangings of holocaust prisoners whilst military look on approvingly.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZThe video has been met with criticism from government officials and Jewish leaders calling it “irresponsible” and “tasteless.”

Source: Youtube



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