Ultra-Democrat San Francisco Launches GoFundMe… To Oppose Homeless Shelter

Credit - San Francisco Chronicle

The liberal democrats of San Francisco voted 86% Democrat in the last Presidential Election. They are the ones that will, if you’re American, crucify you for honoring your God, voting Republican or not supporting their beloved Green New Deal. They are the ones that will, if you’re Western European, call populist racists for every vote since the 2015 Brexit in which their preferred Democratic, Liberal or Socialist candidate  didn’t win (which is all votes in Western Europe since then).

Their Late Night show hosts like Bill Maher will tell you that the rest of the country despises them because they want to be like Californians. They are good whilst the rest of the world is plain evil for stopping ‘progress.’

However, don’t go see the rich elite of Silicon Valley for any ‘socialist’ taxes or the beg the well-heeled San Francisco residents to install a homeless shelter, because that’s the other side of things they also oppose.

Yes, Californians will tell us how to behave and all, but please don’t tell them what they’re doing wrong.

Over in San Francisco, the waterfront residents of the Embarcadero quarter have started a GoFundMe (called “Safe Embarcadero for All”) campaign so they can oppose the city’s plan to build a homeless shelter in the area.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZThe rich elite of San Francisco has, after only a few days, raised nearly $35,000 to hire lawyers to contest the center’s construction.

Mayor London Breed reacted with astonishment: “People want us to address the challenges on our streets and help our unsheltered residents into housing, and I am committed to doing the hard work to make that happen.”

“But it’s incredibly frustrating and disappointing that as soon as we put forward a solution to build a new shelter, people begin to threaten legal action.”

“I get that people have questions about the site, and we are happy to demonstrate how these sites work and the positive impacts they have had in other neighborhoods, but we all need to be willing to be part of the solution.”

Source: https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Opponents-to-new-homeless-Navigation-Center-on-13721606.php


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