WWG1WGA – ‘Make Noise 4 Q’ Sign Carried Along Line At Trump Rally (Video)


I remember watching bits last year where The Daily Show and Jim Jefferies mocked and ridiculed QAnon supporters, calling them ‘fringe conspiracy theorists.’

One year on, the Mueller investigation has ended without any proof the White House administration colluded, people everywhere around the world are voting for populist candidates in droves and even the most optimistic MSM ain’t discounting another Trump win in 2020 any more.

To see proof of just how mainstream QAnon has gone and how many know what the Q-sign means, watch this person walk the whole line of people waiting in Grand Rapids yesterday carrying a ‘make noise for Q’ sign. The response is amazing.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZWhere we go one, we go all.


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