Royal Personnel’s Newest Meghan Nickname Even Worse Than ‘Duchess Difficult’

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It is no secret that the personnel at the British Buckingham Palace is sometimes struggling with American Actress turned English Duchess Meghan Markle.

Earlier it became known that Prince Harry’s wife had been given the nickname “Duchess Difficult” due to her “dictatorial” behavior and exuberant demands. According to insiders, she is now also called “Me-Gain.”

“Harry will not accept the criticism of his wife,” former press officer Dickie Arbiter said when hearing about the nicknames.

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After the former American actress was nicknamed “Duchess Difficult,” she is now also called “Me-Gain” by members of the court. Referring to the fact that she wants and has everything.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZAccording to Arbiter, Prince Harry will react angrily because these nicknames have gone outside the walls of the palace. “He will definitely protect Meghan,” he says.

Earlier it became known that according to the staff of the British royals, the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan would not last long. “I give them five years,” said one of their employees in The Daily Telegraph.

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In recent months, many prominent members of Meghan’s court have already left. Earlier, Melissa Touabti, Markle’s personal assistant who resigned after six months of service, stated that she “had to endure a lot.”

The duchess’s female bodyguard, whose name is not revealed for security reasons, also gave up.

According to a source at the police, there was no personal dispute at the basis of the dismissal, but the “strict security” for the American actress may feel “very restrictive”, “unlike someone who grew up at court.”

Samantha Cohen, the personal secretary of Meghan and Harry, also announced that she is heading towards the exit.

She would stay until the child of Meghan and Harry is born in the spring. Cohen worked at the court for 17 years, including for the Queen, and was employed by the couple since May last year.



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