Two Cougars Viciously Attack Canadian Toddler (Video)

Credit - Twitter @CTVNewsJoe

A 4-year-old Canadian boy was left critically injured after an attack by two cougars on Vancouver Island. The toddler remains in hospital. The attack took place in the middle of the village of Lake Cowichan, the startled mayor explained. The cougars were subsequently shot.

According to local media, the boy was injured in the head, neck and arms and was flown by a trauma helicopter to the hospital in Vancouver. Exactly how many cougars attacked the infant is not yet known. Local residents saw two specimens walking around just before the attack.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZ“We assume that these cougars attacked the child,” said park ranger Scott Norris to Canadian news channel CTV News. According to him they were young animals. Both were shot during a manhunt. “Although only two cougars were spotted, we searched the area to see if there was a third cougar. That yielded no result. “

Lake Cowichan is located on Vancouver Island, which is exceptionally densely populated with regard to cougars. An estimated 4,000 of these majestic animals still live the vast wilderness of Canada; almost 900 of them live on the island.

Story and picture credit: Twitter @CTVNewsJoe


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