Australian Police Wants To Promote K9, Gets Dating Requests For Officer Instead


The Queensland police in Australia accidentally caused chaos on their social media accounts after sharing a photo of a young police officer with a police dog. Both the woman and the dog were showered with compliments (and the woman even got quite a few dating requests)… not because of the good work they do, but because of their good looks.

“1 retweet = 1 pat for this 10/10 good doggo “, wrote the police with the photo of the officer and her dog, who seemed to be on patrol together. They even added the hashtag ‘pawenforcement.’

But the comments soon showed that people not only thought the dog was cute, but that certainly the female police officer was in need of a compliment.

Some of the best comments included:

“Cute… dog also cute”

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZ“Adorable… and the dog is cute too”

“Is she single? I mean the dog :)”

“Gorgeous and the retriever is cute!”

Of course the Queensland police should have known what was coming. Their colleagues from the Western Australia Police force made a similar mistake a few years ago, posting a no drunk driving warning with a handsome male police officer who was showered with similar compliments afterwards.

They wrote: “We hope you had a fantastic long weekend WA. Just remember, you still need to drive home! We’re out and about across the state.”

To that message and photo, a woman immediately responded: “I’ve been drinking all night and I’ll be on Koombana Bay Road in fifteen minutes. Bring handcuffs.”

Picture and story credit: Queensland Police


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