California Playboy Model (25) Arrested For ‘Sugar Daddy’ (71) Murder

Credit - Instagram

Three weeks ago, on March 7 to be exact, Nevada police officers were notified that a suspicious vehicle with broken window was parked near Lake Mead, the largest artificial lake in the US.. In the trunk of the car, they found the lifeless body of 71-year-old Mr Thomas Burchard, a renowned child psychiatrist. He appeared to have been killed by a slap on the forehead with a blunt object.

Update: Arrested California Playboy Model (25) Paid $300k By Murdered ‘Sugar Daddy’ (71) In 18 Months (Video)

Two weeks later, FBI agents invaded a home in Stockton, California and arrested Miss Kelsey Turner (25). She works as a model and in May 2017 posed for the Italian Playboy.

How she came into the picture as the main suspect is not clear. Turner will be extradited to the state of Nevada, local media report.

That there is a link between Burchard and Turner is certain. They had known each other for years, her mother Samantha confirmed. The psychiatrist paid the rent of her house in Salinas for about a year, where Turner lived with her children. When the money source dried up, she moved to Las Vegas.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZ“They got to know each other via the internet, he easily gave her 2,000 to 4,000 dollars a week,” says a source to TV channel KSBW. “Just before he left for Las Vegas, Burchard said Turner was having problems with her boyfriend. He would have beaten her.”

The man in question, Greg Hagio, had previously been arrested for domestic violence and a strangulation attempt.

Burchard was also in Las Vegas last month. He then attended a medical conference with his girlfriend Judy Earp. “Retiring was not for him,” she says. ,, At the age of 65 he went to work four days a week because he did not want to abandon his patients. He who has this murder on his conscience has no heart. “


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