Catfight Over “At Least My Breasts Aren’t Saggy Like A Pair Of Rotten Melons.”


Two longtime girlfriends got into an epic arguments after which one of the two snapped and rather emotionally told the other one that ‘at least my breasts aren’t saggy like a pair of rotten melons.’

Realizing that she might have hit quite the emotional spot in her friend, she asked the Reddit forum Am I the Asshole for their opinion over what happened. Here’s her story:

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZI’m a “small” chested woman. Not even that small, I like my boobs. There is this “friend” of mine who has like F cup breasts.

For some reason, she likes picking on my breasts. She is always saying passive aggressive stuff like “well, it’s not like you’ll ever feel real back pain, considering how small your tits are”, one time she picked up my bra when we were in the changing room after gym and said “Do you really fit in this? God your tits are tinier than I thought!”; “Can you really not pick up stuff with your underboob? That’s insane how small they are!”; “How will you nourish kids if you ever have them lmao”; “If I were your boyfriend, I’d be soooo unsatisfied with them”.

I’m not really confrontational, I just shrugged off her comments and told her more than once they’re not funny. Yesterday it was more, to my liking, a direct insult. I was just minding my own god damned business doing some work when she asked me:

Her: Hey OP, would you use shoes if you had no legs? Me: Well, depends if I had prosthetics or not. Her: But would you if you had no prosthetics? Me: I don’t think so, why? Her: Then why do you wear a bra? Hahaha they are so small.

I was tired at the moment. I admit I snapped, I told her “at least my breasts aren’t saggy like a pair of rotten melons.”

She got angry. Like I just wished death upon her mother; father, and firstborn. She started crying and saying I’m an asshole for picking on such a sensitive subject for her?????

My boyfriend thinks I was not an asshole and technically I wasn’t talking about her tits so that’s shit she took upon herself. Some of our mutual female friends told me I should apologize, her boyfriend told me that’s a sensitive subject for her and I should apologize. She sent me a text that she will be mad at me until I properly apologize to her.

I don’t want to apologize as I think I was not the asshole here. Play bitch games win bitch prizes, or as we’d say in my language, this woman “se lleva y no se aguanta”.

But why would I be here if it not were to ask beautiful Reddit… AITA?

EDIT we are friends because we work in the same place and she referred me to the gym we’re working out together right now and the women I’m working out with. I do not share my personal stuff with her nor do I think we have a friendship per se. We are more acquaintances than friends. She does tell me some of her personal stuff but it’s not reciprocated.

EDIT 2 also, the “technically I wasn’t talking about her tits” part comes from my boyfriend, not me. I know I went to the yugular with that shit.

Source: Reddit Am I the Asshole

Picture credit: Pedestrian TV (Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman




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