London Manhunt As ‘Hooded Stabber’ Randomly Attacks 4 In 16 Hours

Picture Credit - SWNS

In London, four people were stabbed in random attacks in a time span of some 16 hours. According to the police it is not presumed to be a terrorist act but they are working under the assumption that the attacker is a ‘man with mental problems’.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZAll four victims were alone at the time of the stabbing and were attacked from behind without warning. The first attack took place on Saturday evening around 8 pm: a woman was stabbed in the back and taken to the hospital. Four hours later a second attack took place, the man is currently in the hospital too, but his condition would not be life threatening. At five o’clock Sunday morning a 23-year-old man was stabbed in the metro station Seven Sisters. He is currently in critical condition in hospital. And at 11 am on Sunday morning a fourth attack took place, that victim too remains in a critical condition.

“We are working on the hypothesis that the single male suspect is acting alone and mental health issues may be a factor. All of the people he has targeted have been walking alone and he has approached from behind without warning.”

“Members of the public who have information about this suspect or have spotted someone acting suspiciously who matches his description are advised to call police on 999 and not to approach the man.”

“We treat these four incidents as possibly linked to each other,” said inspector Stuart Smillie. “The four victims have different backgrounds, so it seems that they were randomly chosen because they were alone and vulnerable.”

For the time being, according to the police, nothing indicates that it is a terrorist act.

The police call witnesses to report, but ask people who would see the man not to approach him.

Security forces are now looking for a skinny and dark-dressed tall black man. A suspect was arrested around noon on Sunday, the police are now investigating whether the man in question is involved.

“There is a lot of police activity underway to catch this suspect,” Scotland Yard declared.

“Extra resources have been called upon and are on the streets now working to keep the public safe and catch the individual responsible.”


Picture Credit – SWNS


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