‘Unplanned’ – Silicon Valley, Hollywood Collude To Bury Anti-Abortion Movie


You probably couldn’t open a magazine or watch one hour of television over the past week without seeing an ad for Tim Burton’s new movie Dumbo, a live action remake of the Disney classic. Even with all that, the film is still only scheduled to make $45-50 million in it’s opening weekend. Given that it has a $170 million budget, that is a serious dud.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZJust as likely that you’ve heard about ‘Dumbo’ that is as unlikely you will have heard about ‘Unplanned,’ the anti-abortion movie based on the Abby Johnson memoir that tells of a Planned Parenthood clinic director who quit the job and took up the pro-life cause.

Hollywood’s speakers buried it in critique, the media lauded it with negative reviews and Silicon Valley also (briefly) got involved. For a few hours this weekend, the official Twitter account of the movie was suspended for violating it’s rules. No one made clear what a movie could have done, but ok. After conservatives complained about it, the Twitter account was reinstated.

Whether or not you like the movie is beside the point, the fact that it was showered with 90% negative marketing and is still on track to earn back 300% of it’s production cost (making $7million when your production cost is 2.5) in just it’s opening weekend is another sign that the ‘silent majority’ no longer believes the ‘powers that be’.

The media try to portray Ms Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as the savior sent to rescue us all and President Trump as the devil reincarnate. Guess who has a 23% approval rating and who has 50%.

Seems like movies are the next frontier.


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