Australians Start Petition To Get Aprils Fools ‘McPickle’ Burger on Mc Menu (Video)


Credit - McPickle

Fast food chain McDonalds launched the McPickle today in Australia, to the obvious April Fools response from some, and to the surprisingly massive ‘finally’ response from others.

In fact, many McDonalds customers were so dissatisfied to see that the burger, consisting of tomato, cheese, ketchup and a whole lot of pickles was a joke, that they’ve now started a petition to add it to the actual menu.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZOver 30,000 people saw the video thus far so as far as marketing goes that’s a great result.

Lastly, not sure if a pickles burger is a good idea but tastes differ of course.




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