Toulouse Food Poisoning Kills 4 French Pensioners, 15 Hospitalized (Video)

Credit - Twitter @BenjaminPeter

Four pensioners died yesterday evening shortly after eating dinner in their retirement home in the southern French city of Lherm, near Toulouse. The evening meal was served around 6.30pm and the first symptoms of sickness showed as from 8pm.

The authorities say that 22 of the 82 residents of the residential care home show symptoms of illness. They started vomiting, among other things. “We are thinking of food poisoning because these events occurred after meals,” an official explained.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZResearch must show what exactly went wrong. Residents are asked what exactly they ate.

Meals and kitchens are also examined.

The nursing home opened its doors in 2006 and is operated by the Korian company.

Fifteen people also became very ill and remain in hospital.



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