England Goalkeeper Filmed In Bar Fight After Wife Called ‘Fat C**t’ (Video)

While the British Parliament is busy debating Brexit and trying to find a way out of this mess, the England soccer team goalkeep Jordan Pickford was seen fighting some Newcastle fans in a pubover the weekend.

In the beginning, he was called ‘small arms’ and ‘butterfingers’, but there was no sign of trouble as he posed for photographs with fans and playfully flicked a finger at the man who was shouting at him.

Rumor has it that it all started when someone called Pickford’s wife a ‘fat c**t’.

Everton goalie Mr Pickford then lost control and began trading punches as video footage, recorded on a mobile phone showed. In the end, he could be seen being pulled away from the bust-up.

England manager Gareth Southgate will be concerned about the episode.

Newcastle Police admitted they would investigate the footage.

A source close to Everton football club admitted : ‘Someone verbally abused Jordan’s partner and he flipped. He went for him but did not hit him and the video looks worse than it actually was. The whole thing was over in six or seven seconds.’

‘But there is no sugar-coating this, Jordan had been drinking and that probably didn’t help in that he’s reacted to the abuse. He is not happy that he got himself in that situation. Jordan had been mixing happily with fans before that and there was no issue until someone targeted his partner.’


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