These Two ((18-Year-Old)) Ethiopian World Championship Participants Raise Questions


The above photo was taken on Saturday at the World Cross Country Championships for under 20 in Denmark and you soon understand why the image is spreading like wildfire on social media.

Some people commented that ‘those two perhaps have an 18-year-old son, but they are definitely over 30’… We’ll let you decide.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZLast weekend the Cross Country World Championships were programmed in Aarhus, Denmark.

Saturday, at the under twenty race, all eyes were on Jakob Ingebrigtsen, but the Norwegian super talent could not impress. The African pack of runners was once again too strong and in the end Ingebrigtsen had to settle for twelfth place. The victory was for Ethiopian Milkese Mengesha, who reeled his 7,728 kilometers in 23’52 ”.

But it is two of his countrymen who push the Mengesha top performance into the background.

On the photo above, which has in the mean time gone viral, you can see Dinkalem Ayele and Getnet Yetwale at work.

According to their file at the international athletics federation IAAF, both athletes were born in… December 2000, and therefore 18 years old.

That causes a lot of indignation on social media, where more than once it was suggested that the duo is a bit older than 18 (or even 20) years and therefore should not participate in this category.

In any case: Ayele became 11th in a time of 24’36 ” (just before the European favorite), Yetwale needed 25’53” and became 21st.




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