Jeff Flake Claims Trump Supporters Threaten Him And His Family

Former Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake, claims in an interview with the Guardian newspaper today that he has received several threats from Trump supporters before he left office this year.

According to Mr Flake, several of those threats are currently being investigated by law enforcement in Arizona and Washington DC.

He stated: “I would have liked to have done one more term in the Senate, that’s probably all.”

“But its been at a heavy cost to my family. The sacrifices they’ve been [made to make], what they had to endure …”

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZJust last week, a Chicago man admitted to leaving threatening voicemail after Mr Flake’s behavior during the hearings for supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh (of which the famous ‘elevator scene’ is used as the lead picture for this article).

58-year-old James Dean Blevins Jr, said on the voicemail: “I am tired of him interrupting our president, and I am coming down there to take him and his family out.”

However, Mr Flake claims: “That’s only one of several threats.”

He claimed that his family had received “several” other threats that “haven’t been tracked down yet”.

“Threats where they list my kids and their addresses, links to beheading videos.”



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