Louisiana Babysitter (15) Runs Off With Divorced Neighbor (Video)

An American girl (15) who persuaded her parents for months that she was babysitting her divorced neighbor’s children, is now believed to have fled together with the 47-year-old.

Domeanna Spell from the village of Port Barre in Louisiana was last seen on Thursday morning. Her older sister admitted that neighbor Cory “Shane” Disotell is hopelessly in love with Domeanna. “He wants to marry her.”

The loss is considered alarming by the police. The local police force is now receiving help from the FBI and the state police from Lousiana. Together with two other police authorities, they have joined forces to find the teenager as quickly as possible.

On Thursday morning, Domeanna left the school bus around seven in the morning when it arrived at her high school. Witnesses saw her crossing the street and then boarding a car driven by neighbor Disotell. Since then, every trace of her is missing.

The divorced Disotell initially got along well with Domeanna’s parents. The three even went hunting together. The parents thought it was a good idea for Domeanna to babysit on Disotell’s granddaughter on weekends.

They only found out months later that the 47-year-old had no granddaughter at all. He used it as a trick to spend undisturbed time with their daughter.

To make the babysitting story credible, Domeanna was simply paid for her time with him.

The shocked parents confronted the neighbor when the deception came to light. Disotell acknowledged being in love with the minor, he even wanted to marry her.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZWith immediate effect, they prohibited their daughter from dealing with Disotell any longer. If he dared to turn up at the house, the police would be called immediately.

Domeanna quickly ignored the ban. The neighbor also did not accept it. The police were called in three weeks ago when a surveillance camera from another neighbor had recorded how Disotell climbed over the garden gate at night and stepped to the window of Domeanna.

Elder sister Jerrie suspects that Domeanna may have been completely brainwashed by Disotell. The two are probably moving in a silver-colored Honda Civic model year 2003. The police do not rule out the possibility that the teenager has changed her hair color to go unnoticed. She may have also exchanged her glasses for colored daily lenses.


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