New Wave Icon Accuses Rammstein’s ‘Deutschland’ Of Plagiarism (Video)

1980s new wave icon Anne Clark reacted to German hard rockers Rammstein’s new song Deutschland, which is breaking records in it’s home country both by the imagery used and the number of views for a German rock song gathered in only a few days, by accusing them of plagiarism.

Although Ms Clark, who scored several electronical new wave hits (like Sleeper in Metropolis and Our Darkness) three decades ago, didn’t file an official complaint, she did react to the launching of Rammstein’s newest hit with : ‘Nice to hear Rammstein are so influenced by David Harrow’s and my little number.’

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZIt took a few days for German media to notice her youtube comment but now social media listeners agree that the intro to ‘Our Darkness’ and the one to ‘Deutschland’ indeed sound very similar.

Others claim that there are only so many basic melodies and that therefore a lot of songs are always gonna sound similar.


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