Children Watch In Horror As Circus Lion Mauls Trainer (Video)

Credit - East 2 West News

A large group of children was watching the lion and tigers performance in Ukraine when one of the animals decided to not play nice anymore and take a large bite out of his trainer.

32-year-old Hamada Kouta, originally from Egypt, could be seen being pushed to the ground by the large lion during a performance in Lugansk, Ukraine.

The animal bit into Kouta’s arm and chest and then held him to the ground for a few scary seconds. Pictures afterwards showed how his arm, leg and back were mauled and clawed.

Kouta explained in the video afterwards: “When an animal attacks a trainer, it is 99% the trainer’s mistake. Anyway, they are my children so I know anything can happen.”

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZ“But it will never end with death, because they are my children. I know them and I trust them more than I trust people. It was all right, I calmed down the spectators and we went on.”

Credit: Youtube


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