Girlfriend (21) Wants ‘One Night Pass’ From Relationship

The ‘Am I the asshole’ forum at Reddit threw up another golden nugget as a 26-year-old man asked people whether he was being an asshole for not allowing his 21-year-old girlfriend a ‘one night pass’ from their relationship as she goes out with her soccer team.

Here’s their story: “I (26 M) am in a relationship with my gf (21F). The relationship has been mostly good. She’s a gem, super fit and athletic, sex is great, shes really smart. I have a very good paying and stable job while she is a junior in university. I love her a lot. She also comes from a poor and abusive family. She has a athletic scholarship for tuition (soccer) but lives with me and relies on me for spending money and other expenses.”

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZ“Recently we have had some problems. The soccer team has this weird ball/formal dance with guys soccer team. She gets matched up with a random soccer dude and they go to the dance together. This isn’t a problem but the way she described it is a problem. She basically said it’s supposed to be a crazy night and asked for a one night pass from our relationship. I said “no” very firmly. I told her it was offensive and innapropiate to even ask and I’m shocked it crossed her mind. She got defensive and said she’s still in college and all she wants is one night to go wild, but I stood my ground.”

“I then told her I don’t want her going to this ball at all, because she won’t committ to me that she won’t go wild after. She said “no, this is a important team bonding exercise”. In response I cut off the money I gave her and informed her we won’t be going on the european trip this summer. I also said she cant live with me until we resolve this issue. She now has to live at her house with he family who is abusive verbally. One week later she called and asked if she could move back in and have her allowance back, I asked if she was still going to the event and she said yes but she wouldn’t try to have sex or anything that night. I said I would think about it. My friends say I’m being a manipulative ass whos taking advantage of a pretty college girl with no money.”



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