LA Drivers In Epic Parking Standoff (Video)

Finding a parking space in Los Angeles is sometimes a hell of a job. When parking, you have to deal with road users who think they are more entitled to “your spot” and a traffic quarrel looks like it can break out at any second.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZThe latter happened in Los Angeles earlier this week where the tug of war turned out to be a parking lot during an hour-long harassment.

Much to the delight of Twitter users who were able to follow the parking argument live.

When the driver of the black sedan in the Korean quarter of the Californian metropolis discovers an empty parking space, he drives past it and turns on his direction indicators, ready to park in reverse. The driver of the silver car behind him clearly thinks differently. He is blocking his maneuvering predecessor.

A woman who lives across the street watches the bizarre spectacle and takes photos and videos of the parking impasse. Neither of the stubborn motorists is willing to give up. While the minutes elapse, the flashing lights come on demonstratively. Nobody wants to give way, that is clear.

After an hour the darkness slowly but surely goes. And the two cars stay where they are.

Even after two hours the drivers seem unwilling to give up, even if another place is released on the other side of the street. The remaining traffic must, loudly horning and annoying oncoming traffic, squeeze along the inexorable “traffic hoops”. It is now dark.

The Twitter thread, with the videos and photos of the neighbor, gives her more than 20,000 likes. Followers of the parking spectacle, including fashion model and celebrity Chrissy Teigen, even opt for one of them. “The black car consciously passed the place because it wanted to park in reverse. Silver car, you are a mean and bad driver, “she responds.

If a parking space becomes available for the two cars, the problem seems to resolve itself. Both hotheads park their vehicle, but neither seems to have the guts to get out their car, probably afraid of a confrontation. They stay behind their wheel for another half an hour. It is the driver of the silver car who eventually gives up and gets out of the car. Fortunately, it doesn’t come to a physical confrontation.


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